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In 1853 Charles Stuart, Earl of Traquair, gifted the community of Innerleithen with its first custom built public hall.  Thirty years later a much larger hall was built for the townsfolk but The Old Town Hall remained a useful facility for local groups such as the Scouts.  The Hall had many other uses over the years including a gym hall used by local primary school children and a billet for soldiers during the 2nd World War. In the 1980's a local firm producing cashmere goods converted the hall into a knitting factory.  In 1997, Pam and Allan purchased the property and the adjoining ground floor shop and over the following 23 years, transformed it into the beautiful home you see today. 

Main Recreational Area

"providing home comforts while you're away from home...""

Bespoke Stained Glass Window
Spiral Staircase Leading to Family Room
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